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Nail Services



1) Austin Regalia Signature

Enjoy the most sensual pedicure experience we have to offer. This includes collagen wrap honey organic sea salt bath treatment with orange  slices, callus treatment, flavors scrub, paraffin soak, hot stone massage, continued with a deep dermal mask,

Pedicure (70 min) 20 min Massage $80
Manicure (40 min) $65

2) The Jelly Pedicure

This is truly a unique spa experience. The Jelly Pedicure turns your water into a translucent, fluffy jelly, which will warm your water longer than regular water. The use of scrub, mask, and cream will enhance the effects of your feet leaving you feeling

Pedicure (70 min) 20 min Massage $80

3) The Organic

This package is certified organic quality scrubs. This product has an organic sea salt soaking bath, orange, hot stone massage.
Flavor: Milk and honey, Mango, Green tea, or Lavender

Pedicure (60 min) 15 min Massage $70
Manicure (30 min) $55

4) The Luxury Dream

This package leaves you feeling refreshed. Includes callus treatment, sugar scrub, paraffin treatment, hot stone massage, mud mask, hot towel. Our promise is to leave you feeling new and refreshed.
Flavors: Lavender Tropical, Green Tea, or Orange

Pedicure (50 min) 10 min Massage $60
Manicure (30 min) $50

5) The Aroma therapy

This is our flavored pedicure and manicure that would awaken your senses. This package leaves you feeling soft and smooth. We would work on your heals to remove your callus, crystal scrub to take off your dead skin, mud mask with hot towel wrap, and paraf

Pedicure (40 min) 8 min Massage $50
Manicure (25 min) $45

6) The Salon Signature

This is our basic manicure and pedicure. Nails shaped, cuticles groomed, followed with a sugar scrub to relax your feet, and a hot towel wrap.
Add on service:
*Paraffin treatment - $8
*Callus Removal - $5

Pedicure (30 min) 5 min Massage $37
Manicure $25

7) Shellac / Gel

This is our instant dry lasting polish. Typically, regular polish last 2-3 days but shellac lasts 10 days or even more. We have a huge selection of colors to choose from. Nails shaped, cuticles groomed, followed with a sugar scrub to relax your feet, and

Pedicure $55
Manicure $42


SNS * (Signature Nails system)

SNS is a natural choice that is organic, light, and flexible, SNS contains vitamin and calcium that help your nails grow. It's more durable than acrylic and chip resistant. SNS is odor free and water resistant on your natural nails.

Ombre Full Set $70
Ombre Fill $70
Pink and White (Full Set) $60

Add Extensions $5 

Color Powder (Full Set) $50

Add Extensions $5 & Up

With Nails Polish (Full Set) $60
Pink and White (Refill) $60
Color Powder (Refill) $50
Color Tips (Add on) $5
Design Tips (Add on) $8
Nail Repair (Add on) $5 each

Solar Nails

Solar Nails, also called "Permanent French" or "two-tone" is the most popular look among women. It's durable, classic, shiny and ready to go, leaving you with a clean and natural look. Prink and white dry instantly and the polish never wears off. Anon

Full Set with Gel Polish $55
Refill with Gel Polish $50
Pink and White (New Set) $72
Nail polish (New Set) $45
Color Powder (New Set) $55
Pink and White (Fills) $67
Nail Polish (Fills) $35
Color Powder (Fills) $55
French Color Tips (Add on) $8
Design Tips (Add on) $8
Nail Repair (Add on) $5 each


Polish change hands $15
Polish change toes $18
French / American $8
French polish change hands $23
French polish change toes $26
Nail Design: (2 Nails) $8
Nail Design: (4 Nails) $12 Up
Nail Design: (10 Nails) $20 Up
Paraffin Treatment $8
Nails Removal $15 +
Acrylic on all toes set $55
Acrylic on all toes fill-in $50
2 Toe acrylic $12
Gel Polish change Hands $30

+$5 w/Take Off

Gel Polish change toes $35

+$5 w/Take Off

French Gel hand $35

+$5 w/Take Off

French Gel toes $40

+$5 w/Take Off



Kids Under 12 Years Old

Pedicure $27
Manicure $17
Polish change hands $8
Polish change toes $12
Add on French $5
Design 2 nails $5


Only licensed professional do our waxing we use a highly sensitive wax product for our customers.

Eyebrow $15 +
Lip $12 +
Chin $12 +
Full Face $45 +
Under Arm $30 +
Full Arm $50 +
Chest $35 +
Sideburns $12 +
Lower Legs $45 +
Full Legs $75 +
Upper Back $40 +
Full Back $60 +
Classic Bikini $40 +
French Bikini $55 +
Brazilian $60 +
Bare All $70 +

+ Reserved for additional charges for longer or excessive hair

**Redness may occur but is normal under certain conditions. Let the manager know if you are taking any skin medications that could affect your service,




Individual Lashes Set $150
Individual Lashes 1 Week Fill $55
Individual Lashes 2 Week Fill $65
Individual Lashes 3 Week Fill $75
Volume Lashes Set $250
Volume Lashes 1 Week Fill $65
Volume Lashes 2 Week Fill $85
Volume Lashes 3 Week Fill $100